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by Ed Mead
Ed Talks

Ed Talks - Talking to a REAL Viewber - Iain from Gloucester


Usual Ed Talks form is to chat with someone industry based – different this time as Ed talks to Iain, a Viewber based in the Gloucester area.

The perfect chance to dive a little deeper into what being a Viewber is really like, the sort of people who are carrying out various property appointments on behalf of our clients and how these appointments happen – what better way than to bring a REAL Viewber onto the show?!

Before we begin, this statement in particular means a lot, as Iain says “Viewber helped me with headspace during Covid as everything else dropped off.”

Not only has Viewber proved to be helpful for our clients during this tricky period when it comes to keeping businesses running, but it has also helped our Viewbers when it comes to mental health and providing something to focus on – its great to be able to help.

So, who is Iain the Viewber?

Iain is based in the Gloucester and covers Dukesbury, Stroud, New Forest and Swindon – even as far as North Bristol, Worcester and Hereford.

Iain has an impressive background as an actor, working in live TV, website design and management – he’s even been a life-guard! It’s safe to say that Iain is a very self-motivated individual who likes to mix it up.

The whole point is that Viewber appointments fit into a busy lifestyle, around the Viewbers’ schedule - a perfect role for Iain. Now he’s completed his 200th appointment since 2019 there is no stopping him!

Iain is just one of your local Viewbers – vetted, trained, professional and based anywhere the UK, ready to help with a variety of property needs.

A fantastic episode, with lots of ‘behind the scenes’ insight.



by Ed Mead