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by Ed Mead
Ed Talks

Ed Talks - 'The Ed Mead Diaries' - A Property Career Series - Don't rule out renting


Viewber co-founder, Ed, has recorded episode two of what we are calling ‘The Ed Mead Diaries’ – a solo series, revealing more about his property career, personal stories, wins, losses – with a whole lot of honesty thrown in there too.

This time, Ed talks about renting.

Lately, we’ve been researching this topic in more detail. It can be a touchy subject and there are LOTS of opinions about renting vs buying – take our latest blog post for example, ‘Why are Brits hung up on homeownership?’ - https://viewber.co.uk/news/why-are-brits-hung-up-on-homeownership

Everyone’s experience is different, but we want to know more about why Ed went down the road he went down (*hint* he would rather rent than buy) – surprising?



by Ed Mead