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by El Vikingo and Lou Bluth
El Vikingo & Lou

Part 1- BREAKTHROUGHS: A Mennonite Journey to Inner Peace and Freedom


There are well-over 100,000 Mennonites living and farming in Mexico. Their colonies or communities were established in Mexico in the early 1900s with Russian and Canadian heritage. They have found success and expansion in their ability to work hard and help progress agriculture in every area they have settled- from Northern Chihuahua down to Argentina.

In this episode, El Vikingo and Lou dive into a conversation with Indio Frahn and Faro Peters. 

Indio is a Mennonite from Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua who is now living in Seminole, TX- the owner of an auction business- Iron Bound Auctions. 

Faro is a Mennonite from Seminole, TX- The owner of First Choice Construction, a general contractor- with a focus on metal buildings.

They are both fathers and progressive business men on a journey of self-discovery and betterment.

Please join us in listening to their stories of their Mennonite childhood, issues with religious extremism, alcoholism, drug abuse, divorce, parenthood, growth, business, and most importantly their breakthroughs towards a more open-minded, forgiving, and loving life. 


Episode 6

by El Vikingo and Lou Bluth