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by El Vikingo and Lou Bluth
El Vikingo & Lou

Part 2- BREAKTHROUGHS: A Mennonite Journey to Inner Peace and Freedom


A Mennonite Journey Part 2- This episode is a continuation of a conversation with Indio Frahn and Faro Peters.

Indio shares his story of hitting rock-bottom and struggle with depression- when, within a 6 month time-span:

  • his father dies in a rollover after a night of drinking
  • his best friend dies in a motorcycle accident
  • he and his wife decide to end their marriage

Indio decides to transform his life and turns to self development through the his discover of the book - "Unlimited Power" by Tony Robbins. This sparks a fire in his life as he seeks for truth, lets go of limiting beliefs, centers himself, learns to love deeper, and BE SOMEBODY.

Faro talks about his desire to continue his self-improvement journey- to change and better his health and relationships with his wife and daughters. He discusses the importance of asking for forgiveness, loving others and breaking out of the Mennonite culture to have open and honest conversations about real life.

Indio ends our conversation with his passion and desire to INSPIRE others and LOVE.




by El Vikingo and Lou Bluth