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by Georgiana Gitschuk
Employer Branding: The Inside Podcast

The Inside Podcast Ep. 11 | Overcoming HR challenges through unity, flexibility & innovation with Anelise Cornely @Perdoo



In Ep. 11 of The Inside Podcast, you'll be listening to Anelise Cornely, HR Manager at Perdoo, talk about her role in the company, but also about HR perks, challenges, and other key ingredients that keep her team united.

What you'll learn by listening

  • What it's like to be an HR manager in a startup - every little change you make matters!

  • Culture & values - the glue that keeps teams united

  • The perks of HR management in a small team - autonomy, no micromanagement

  • The importance of having a company culture defined by leaders

  • Overcoming challenges through the power of unity, flexibility, and innovation


Episode 11

Season 1

by Georgiana Gitschuk