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by Georgiana Gitschuk
Employer Branding: The Inside Podcast

The Inside Podcast Ep. 12 | Smart initiatives for preserving employee retention & engagement in a startup with Dr. Karolina Kettler @Popcore


In Ep. 12 of Employer Branding: The Inside Podcast you’ll be listening to Dr. Karolina Kettler, Head of Talent Acquisition & Senior HR Manager at Popcore, share her take on maintaining employee retention when working in a startup, but also about being transparent and empathic in life and in business overall, not just in HR.

What you’ll learn by listening

  • How to maintain employee retention in a startup

  • Tips & tricks for preserving a healthy company culture

  • Why transparency matters the most, regardless of company size

  • The importance of empathy in HR, in business & in life

  • Perks of working in HR for a successful startup

  • Why letting people go is tough, but necessary


Episode 12

Season 1

by Georgiana Gitschuk