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by Georgiana Gitschuk
Employer Branding: The Inside Podcast

The Inside Podcast Ep.10 | Shaping behaviors inside organizations - the key to a healthy company culture with Magor Csibi @Trend Consult Group


In Ep. 10 of The Inside Podcast, you’ll be listening to Magor Csibi, Head of Leadership and Organizational Culture Practice at Trend Consult Group. Magor shares key insights into what exactly makes a healthy company culture - “Culture is like a waterfall. It's coming from the top and it's cascading down. So it's very important that the leader be the owner of the whole process. It cannot be in any other way.”

What you’ll learn by listening

  • Company culture: what it is, what it isn’t

  • How to frame real company values

  • Good behaviors vs. toxic behaviors in organizations

  • How measuring & enabling emotions leads to a healthy organizational culture

  • WHO is the owner of the culture inside an organization & WHY


Episode 10

Season 1

by Georgiana Gitschuk