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Endurance Chat S5E18 - The 2020 Le Mans LMP Class Guide


Michael and Oliver walk you through every LMP1 and LMP2 car for this year's Le Mans 24 Hour. We discuss the teams, drivers, and all the additional factors we think matter for each of the 29 LMP cars entered in this years race, and some that aren't!


  • 0:01 Le Mans' Farewell to LMP1
  • 0:03 Toyota - The Last Hy Standing
  • 0:15 LMP1 Privateers
  • 0:23 The LMP2 Class - Prototype Racing on a Budget
  • 0:29 Teams and Drivers - Eurointernational to Dragonspeed
  • 0:44 Teams and Drivers - United to Duqueine
  • 1:00 Teams and Drivers - Panis to Alpine
  • 1:19 Teams and Drivers - JOTA to Richard Mille
  • 1:42 Predictions, Tyres, and farewell!


Episode 18

by Endurance Chat