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Endurance Chat S5E19 - The 2020 LMGTE Class Guide!


Completing our trifecta of Le Mans previews, Michael, Chris and Kris got together to talk GTE at Le Mans. We cover off all the discussion points in GTE-Pro, and provide insight into the 22 strong GTE-Am grid, with poor pronunciation and wild supposition throughout! Enjoy!


  • 0:01 GTE-Pro
  • 0:23 GTE-Am - What is the class?
  • 0:27 Teams and Drivers - AF Corse to Team Project 1
  • 0:43 Teams and Drivers - Iron Lynx to Red River Sport
  • 0:55 Teams and Drivers - JMW to Dempsey-Proton
  • 1:19 Teams and Drivers - Gulf and Aston Martin
  • 1:26 Predictions and wrap up!


Episode 19

by Endurance Chat