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Endurance Chat S5E22 - The 2020 Le Mans 24 Hour Wrap!


We're back! It's been a while! And Michael and Austin are talking Le Mans (only 6 weeks behind schedule whoops).

Join us as we comment on Toyota's TS050 Legacy, United Autosports' brutal professionalism, the race in two at the head of GTE-Pro, and the curse of the 98 Aston Martin. Plus Michael gets told off on live TV and Austin feels good about picking all four class winners (we also preview the FIAWEC Bahrain Finale)

It's good to be back


  • 0:01 Le Mans, right?
  • 0:05 HYPErpole, or was it?
  • 0:08 Porsche and GTE-Pro
  • 0:11 What is the TS050's legacy?
  • 0:19 LMP1 - Toyota's turbo troubles tarnishes triumph
  • 0:32 LMP2 - Recovery drives and flawless performances
  • 0:53 GTE-Pro - Astons win the race in two
  • 1:01 GTE-Am - Unstoppable performance from TF sport in a complex class
  • 1:14 Floody's DSC experience
  • 1:22 Surprises and disappointments
  • 1:28 WEC Bahrain Finale - 'Well Lean'


Episode 22

by Endurance Chat