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Eurovision Legends
Eurovision Legends

Having had a huge hit already at seven years old, Frans Jeppsson Wall surprised the Swedish audience when he, almost forgotten, suddenly appeared in Melodifestivalen ten years later with the first ever song he had written as an "adult".

What was it like breaking as a child star, did he even get paid and how does a child handle not winning the awards he has been nominated to?

Hear Frans tell the story of his return to the public eye, when he quickly went from an underdog to the big favourite and the final winner and what it was like representing Sweden at home soil while trying to handle school at the same time. What advice did his grandmother give him, who made him speachless with a hug and which other artist did he sneak out of the arena to be naughty with?

Finally, what has happened since and what is his life like today when he recently left his safe small home town for life in the big city of Stockholm?

Legend: Frans Jeppsson Wall

Song: If I were Sorry (Sweden 2016)

Host: Emil Löfström

Contact: emil@schlagervannerna.se

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Eurovision Legends
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