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by Dear Media, Pia Baroncini
Everything is the Best

Sibo Truly Made Simple with Phoebe Lapine


Phoebe Lapine is an author and chef specializing in gluten free and Sibo friendly recipes, as well as a Hasimotos advocate. As someone who felt like shit most my life, I thought having Phoebe tell her story was a great way for you to perhaps get inspired to make some small changes if you’re not feeling your best. She has two books, and her second, Sibo Made Simple, has so many recipes I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that are flavorful, satisfying and don’t leave you feeling bloated or tired. We discuss her journey with Sibo, various tales from both of our journeys to feeling better and much more.

You can find Phoebe at https://www.instagram.com/phoebelapine/ and feedmephoebe.com

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Produced by Dear Media


Episode 39

by Dear Media, Pia Baroncini