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About Famously...

The private lives of our biggest stars… now up for public debate. Join our four hosts for a fun and forensic look at all the biggest celebrity stories. Whether you want to delve into the most shocking celebrity love stories, breaking down the drama and drilling into the headlines with Jack Remmington and Sarel on Famously… in Love, or take a look at some of the most scandalous, spicy and downright absurd celebrity trials and controversies to date with Stacey Dooley and Larry Dean on Famously… On Trial, we’ve got it all.

Think public spats, epic takedowns, enduring controversies, outrageously bad behaviour, and very public break-ups. Nothing is off the record.

The Famously… feed drops episodes twice a week for double the drama in every detail. New episodes of Famously… In Love drop every Tuesday and new episodes of Famously… On Trial drop every Thursday.


Famously… In Love is a Listen production for BBC Sounds.

Producers: Ella McLeod, Olivia Cope Senior Producer: Georgia Arundell Executive Producer: Zöe Edwards Sound Engineer: Jon Last Famously… On Trial is a C&B production for BBC Sounds.

Producer: Emily Whalley Writer: Kate Soloman Executive Producer: Ruth Barnes Sound Engineer: Ross Ramsey-Golding

Music by Felt Music Audio identity and trails: Ali Rezakhani Assistant Commissioner: Izzy Lee-Poulton Commissioning Editor for BBC Sounds: Dylan Haskins


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