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Bastet - Cat Goddess Of Protection And Cats - Ancient Egypt | Egyptian Mythology Explained.


Bastet, the cat goddess of protection and cats, an Ancient Egyptian Cat Goddess, Worshiped in ancient Egypt. Why was Bastet important to Egypt? Who is Bastet the Cat Goddess? who was Bastet the goddess Of?  Bastet or Bast was the Ancient Egyptian Cat Goddess of fertility, motherhood, and protection. She was originally a lion goddess, like her counterpoint Sekhmet, but the goddess Bastet's depiction went from a lioness a cat.  Learn the Egyptian mythology story of how Bastet came into existence, under her father, Sun God Ra. The reason why Bastet, goddess of cats or elsewhere goddess Bast, transformed from a lion god to a majestic cat goddess.  Why did Egypt love cats so much? The rise in the popularity of cats in ancient Egypt is another fascinating subject. You will see why the perception of cats changed over the years, into Ancient Egypt's most beloved pet.  Bubastis Temple & Festival: Bastet's tomb and cult center Bubastis is also explored. See what Greek historian Herodotus had to say about his experience at the Bubastis temple and the Bubastis festival.


Episode 19

by Afro Emperor Fiction & Mythology