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Cernunnos - The Celtic Horned God Of The Wild Wood | Celtic Mythology Explained


Cernunnos, The Horned God of the wild wood of Celtic Mythology, is one of the most important Celtic gods, from Celtic mythology. The god Cernunnos is revered in Paganism as the horned god, the green man or just as Cernunnos the horned god. The Celtic god Cernunnos, being so heavily associated with nature earned the epithets: Celtic god of the forest, the green man or the horned god of the wild.  Among pagan gods, wiccan god and goddess, Cernunnos is the most popular, because of his horns, and he's known as the horned one.  The horned god Cernunnos is often associated to other horned figures like, the satyr Greek god Pan. The Baphomet, and sometimes with Satan in Christianity. The pagan god Cernunnos appears in modern culture. We will see in this video, who is the god horned god in wicca, who is the goddess of nature and who is the Celtic god Cernunnos.


Episode 20

by Afro Emperor Fiction & Mythology