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ISIS Goddess Protector Of Kings, Queen Of Heaven & Divine Motherhood | Egyptian Mythology Explained


Isis goddess of Egypt was considered to be the mother of all gods and Nature, the Egyptian goddess Isis was the queen of heaven , divine motherhood and protector of the Egyptian kings. The goddess Isis belongs to the Egyptian gods pantheon, Isis was the daughter of Geb the earth god, and Nut the sky goddess, sister of Nephthys, Seth/Set and Osiris. Isis mother of Horus was also considered to be the mother of the Jackal god Anubis since the goddess Isis raised him as her own son. the story of Isis and Osiris basically revolves around the cycle of death and resurrection of the god Osiris, where the Egyptian goddess Isis occupies a major role. The Egyptian mythology of the Goddess Isis involves her role within the myth of Osiris the virgin birth of her son Horus.


Episode 14

by Afro Emperor Fiction & Mythology