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The Black Dogs - The Terrifying Hellhounds From British Legends (British Mythology Explained)


The terrifying hellhounds from the British Isles, commonly known as the black dogs, black shuck, gyrash and many other names were hellish dogs that haunted Churchyards, crossroads and dark forests for centuries in Great Britain. The hellhounds known in these stories were said to be portend of disaster or death to anyone who would lay eyes upon them. these black dogs caused troubles to anyone who encountered them especially the type of black dog named the Barghest which was a malevolent hellhound. As there were different types of hellhounds having different roles as well. The barghest, the Church Grim, Garm, The black chuck, the cŵn annwn, the gyras and many other. the supernatural hellhounds weren't all malevolent as some black dogs were benign, they protected travelers and women on the right path. these creatures are well known in the British mythology and could be found in all Europe as well. throughout centuries this legend of black dogs inspired novelist such as the renowned novelist Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, In his book, The hound of Baskervilles.


Episode 16

by Afro Emperor Fiction & Mythology