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by Oklahoma Film And TV Academy
Film Crew 101

The Assistant Production Office Coordinator


The APOC works directly under the Production Office Coordinator in the production office. As a go-between between producers, the studio, and production, the production office is a hub that supports every department on a film. The APOC joins this office early on and will work to oversee the pas and the production secretary in the office as well as ensure that daily reports from set are delivered accurately and on time to the studio, legal teams, accounting departments, and producers.

Today, Kim Mott speaks with Kalisa Wade, whose production office credits include Painted Woman, The Christmas Trap, and Stillwater, as well as TV series Star, Black Lightning, and American Soul. Kalisa’s experience has given her great insight on how to help run the production office as well as tips on getting hired for a production.



by Oklahoma Film And TV Academy