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by Oklahoma Film And TV Academy
Film Crew 101

The Production Manager


A Unit Production Manager is responsible for advising on and overseeing the film production budget, working with department heads to hire the production film crew, and helping to keep the production on schedule throughout the filming process.

In pre-production, the Unit Production Manager hires crew members and consults with department heads to figure out what the script needs from each department to shoot the film. This entails working on the budget, gear packages, and any special equipment needed for each department. The Unit Production Manager also oversees costume fittings, hair and makeup tests, camera tests, and locations scouts. Throughout this process, they work with the shooting schedule to make sure departments will have what they need when they need it for filming.

During filming, the Unit Production Manager acts as a face for the producers on the set. They support department heads and crew to make sure the shooting schedule is accomplished. In the event that a crew member must be fired, the Unit Production Manager will accomplish the task respectfully and with regard to employment contracts and union guidelines.


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by Oklahoma Film And TV Academy