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Blonde / Double Indemnity (Stanwyck #6) / Hockeyland

Andrew Dominick's long-in-the-works Marilyn Monroe tale BLONDE (based on the 1999 novel by Joyce Carol-Oates), offers a nightmarish portrayal of the actress and icon that avoids some of the pitfalls of celebrity biopics (thanks in part to its impressive formal approach) while running headlong into others. While mostly in agreement on the film, Adam and Josh remain divided on a few things, including the central performance by Ana De Armas. Also on the show, the sixth and final film in the Summer of Stanwyck Marathon, DOUBLE INDEMNITY, and the Stanwyck Marathon Awards. Plus, Adam's review of the new doc HOCKEYLAND.

0:00 - Billboard
1:06 - Review: "Blonde"
35:41 - Review (AK): "Hockeyland"
40:47 - Next Week / Notes / R.I.P. Jean-Luc Godard
45:41 - Polls (Fall Movies / Comedies)
55:53 - Summer of Stanwyck #6: "Double Indemnity"
1:24:44 - Stanwyck Marathon Awards
1:51:34 - Outro
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