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Bodies Bodies Bodies / Meet John Doe (Stanwyck #4)

If Dutch director Halina Reijn's BODIES BODIES BODIES doesn't remain the definitive snapshot of Zillennial life in the early 2020s, that won't be the fault of the ace ensemble, featuring standout performances from Rachel Sennott ("Shiva Baby"), Maria Bakalova ("Borat Subsequent Movifilm"), or Amandla Stenberg ("The Hate You Give"). Josh and guest critic Marya E. Gates praise the cast along with the film itself for its incisive observations about the chronically online generation. Later in the show, Josh is joined by the Chicago Tribune's Michael Phillips to talk about Frank Capra's surprisingly bleak MEET JOHN DOE (1941), with Gary Cooper as a down-on-his-luck ballplayer who becomes a populist hero and current marathon subject Barbara Stanwyck as the conflicted newspaper columnist who created him—and maybe loves him.

0:00 - Billboard
1:07 - Review: “Bodies Bodies Bodies” (w/Marya E. Gates)
36:21 - Next Week / Notes
40:05 - Massacre Theatre
48:02 - Stanwyck #4: “Meet John Doe” (w/Michael Phillips)
1:16:43 - Outro
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