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Don't Worry Darling / Top 5 Utopias Gone Wrong

Caught up in a storm of bad press following its festival debut earlier in the month, Olivia Wilde’s highly anticipated DON’T WORRY DARLING finally opened in theaters and was met with mostly scornful reviews. But the movie has its defenders—including Josh. So he and Adam get to spar over the movie’s handling of its social critique and get into some spoilers to discuss its provocative? infuriating? ending. Plus, private Edens, corporate paradises, and rainforest idylls: it’s the Top 5 Utopias Gone Wrong.
0:00 - Billboard
1:00 - Top 5: Utopias Gone Wrong
28:09 - Next Week / Notes 
37:37 - Polls
46:57 - Review: “Don't Worry Darling"
56:10 - “Don't Worry Darling" SPOILER TALK
1:08:08 - Top 5: Utopias Gone Wrong, cont.
1:27:11 - Outro
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