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Financial Excellence with Game Changers, presented by SAP

Extended Planning and Analysis: Resilient, Sustainable Companies


The Buzz: “I’m not paid or evaluated on the accuracy of my crystal-ball predictions. I’m paid to enumerate every possible outcome and do something about every possible outcome well in advance, when it’s still possible to do something, because once it’s happened it’s too late.” (Marty Chavez, Former CFO, Goldman Sachs)

Is your organization struggling with finance transformation and future steering? How differently should you approach long-term thinking and planning, to be better prepared for future events and disruptions? It’s time for answers!

A comprehensive enterprise-wide planning strategy goes beyond visualization and reporting. It entails enabling extended planning and analysis across the various lines of business, leveraging real-time insights and predictive capabilities for effective decision-making to bring everyone together.

Innovating and empowering your business users through modern cloud-based solutions and models accompanied by AI-driven insights will help your organization stay agile and gain fast time-to-value to make the best business decisions, given our “new normal“ dynamic market changes.

We’ll ask Pras Chatterjee at SAP and Jumen Rest and Neil Morton at PwC for their take on Extended Planning and Analysis for Resilient and Sustainable Organizations.