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Finding Mastery

The Recipe For Great Sleep - How To Get Your Best Rest | Dr. Aric Prather

Finding Mastery
Finding Mastery

Sleep is fundamental to our survival. It’s kind of like oxygen, yet most of us don’t view these essential functions through the same lens. In order to perform at our best, live long & healthy lives, and to explore our potential… we have to put the same value on sleeping that we do breathing. 

Lucky for us, our guest today does exactly that - Dr. Aric Prather is a renowned professor, sleep scientist, clinical psychologist, and head of one of the world’s most successful sleep clinics at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Aric’s expertise lies in the fascinating world of sleep and its effects on our health and emotions.

In his latest book, "The Sleep Prescription: Seven Days to Unlocking Your Best Rest," Aric offers a simple yet powerful plan to transform your sleep in just one week. Beyond the typical solutions, he shares surprisingly simple yet deeply effective techniques that will guide you in embracing the magic of restorative sleep.

In this conversation, you’ll hear about why sleep starts the moment you wake up; how sex plays a role in the quality of your sleep; the psychology of building habits around sleep; the ideal length for a nap; and so much more. 

Whether you are someone for whom sleep seems elusive or you’re just trying to fine tune your sleep from “good” to “great”, Aric’s insights will guide you to that restful state where your body effortlessly does what it was built to do: sleep well.


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Finding Mastery
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