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by Potluck Podcast Collective, Minji Chang
First of All

Becoming A Better Person (Hopefully) with Sarah Coy


In our current world of heightened awareness around issues like mental health, race, gender identity, xenophobia, homophobia, and sooo much more, there are tons of ways we can say or do the wrong thing. Go back a few years, and you might remember some horrific stuff you used to say as a joke, or find a problematic tweet you posted or a very poorly worded letter or journal entry. Like, who really wrote that? We know, guys. We cringe too. And while it's highly uncomfortable to face these less than ideal versions of ourselves, it is a normal and important part of evolving as a person. Society as a whole has gotten more vigilant about accountability, even ruthlessly calling out problematic behavior and freely calling upon the power of cancel culture. Still there remains the fact that everyone is still figuring themselves out, with differing levels of success. In this episode, Minji talks with her high school classmate and brilliant makeup artist, Sarah Coy. Together they unpack some of their misconceptions, biases and pitfalls as teenagers who didn't know each other's real baggage at all. They discuss how the sleepy, conservative California suburbs and cultural influences they grew up in shaped their outlook and expectations in life. They also talk about navigating privilege and stumbling through extremely tough but necessary conversations as adults and allies of marginalized communities. Let's do better together.

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Episode 137

by Potluck Podcast Collective, Minji Chang