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by Potluck Podcast Collective, Minji Chang
First of All

Living & Processing #StopAsianHate


The last few months have been a physical and emotional overload for Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPI) and many Asians around the world facing violent attacks in a surge of racism and xenophobia. With the recent murders of 6 Asian women in Atlanta, Georgia, many AAPI are reeling from the mental toll and the heightened fear for their safety and the safety of their loved ones. In this solo episode, Minji shares some of her thoughts in the wake of the shooting as well as her experiences being fetishized as an Asian woman, and being silenced, discouraged and educated on many of the deeply rooted issues that have brought us here. This episode is meant to serve as a safe space for listeners to grieve, reflect, and regroup as we learn how to stand up for ourselves as well as in true solidarity with one another against hate.


The Asian American community is going through a time of collective grief following a year of rising racial tensions and fear, punctuated by this week’s tragic murders in Atlanta. To our listeners who are looking for ways to take more direct action, either to spread the word, protect our community, or support the victims, here are some resources for you:


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Episode 142

by Potluck Podcast Collective, Minji Chang