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by Mind Muscle Memory
Fit Diet Podcast

20 Aerobic high intensity interval workout


The M3 Expert Team talks about what you need to get the best cardio workouts that can improve your fitness and strength. Aerobic high intensity interval training requires strength and muscle coordination which can be built over time. We discuss how to get into HIIT workout mode to improve your fitness level.

Listen to Greg Rando, Bobby Stein, and Miles Beccia to evaluate and identify area that can be holding you back to focus in on Muscle Finder Method. Don't miss another episode of Fit Diet Podcast, subscribe today.

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Here is a glance at what you'll in this episode:

How to get motivated to get into your aerobic workout

Listen how it is best to start your HIIT fitness routine

What are the steps to improve your cardio workouts

Learn to gain muscle strength and fitness while reducing injury



by Mind Muscle Memory