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For You From Eve

137. Getting Out of a School + Work Slump : Regaining & Remaining Consistent with Motivation

For You From Eve
For You From Eve

Whenever November begins, I slowly start to get less motivated towards school, and find myself falling into a slump.

In today's episode, I go through and talk to you guys about how I have been juggling school, work, and my podcast; while also working on my physical, mental, and emotional health. It's never easy to juggle a bunch at once; however if you learn to prioritize, plan, and time block, you will be able to accomplish everything you have to do + more.

Today we go through tips that include; figuring out why you're in a slump, how to avoid getting into a slump, finding your purpose, writing daily affirmations, being selfish, and ways that you can start to reset and reconnect with yourself to get back on track.

I hope this episode helped all of you that have been feeling a little lost, and a little stuck. Thank you so much to everyone who supports me and my show!

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