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EP.4 - Machine learning in it's minified glory


Show Notes:
  • What is Machine learning? (07:50)
  • TensorFlow.js application in Machine learning (09:20)
  • Pre-requisites to getting started with M.L (10:35)
  • How to approach M.L as a beginner(14:58)
  • Difference between Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (A.I) and Data science (D.S) (17:11)
  • Languages and libraries peculiar to M.L (20:41)
  • Benefits of going into M.L (20:50)
  • Common challenges encountered while getting on with M.L (26:20)
  • Technologies peculiar to M.L (28:56)
  • Exciting products/platforms/technologies that make use of M.L models (31:28)
  • Future of M.L in Africa (35:05)
  • Get started with a new forLoop chapter in your city with Ore : ore@forloop.africa
Extra resources: - Emotion recogniton application with TensorFlow.js - Ore Ogundipe- Facial-Surveillance System for Restricted Zones - Ore Ogundipe- School of AI - Siraj Raval - Machine learning crash course - Google developers- Ai Saturdays Lagos- Women in MachineLearning and Data science, Lagosintro and outro music: bensound - dubstepHey! Liked this episode? Let us know your thoughts on it, click on either of the icons below Host: @kolokodess


Episode 4

by Newton Capital