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by Those Two Girls

Mia Freedman


Mia Freedman is the voice of a generation. She’ll hate us saying that, but the Mamamia media powerhouse, founder of Lady Startup, author, podcast host, (and also the woman who gave us our start!) has had her fingers on the pulse of the female experience since her days as Cosmo’s youngest ever magazine editor. Her instinct when it comes to what women want to read, hear, watch, and talk about is borderline prophetic. Mia’s warmth and no-filter approach to conversation makes this episode of FORTY as close to a ‘cuppa with girlfriends’ as you can get. In it we talk about the grief of letting go of your growing children, the difference between the career ladder and the career lattice, why every woman entering her forties should go to therapy, and how your neck will give you a shock at one point this decade. Mia also gives us a step-by-step tutorial on how to drop the mental load once and for all, what she says no to, and why the male gaze is overrated anyway.

So, what happens when you interview the interviewer?

We find out in FORTY.



Hosts: Lise Carlaw and Sarah Wills

Guest: Mia Freedman

Instagram: @miafreedman

"Your son growing up will feel like the slowest break up you've ever known." Article: https://www.mamamia.com.au/mia-freedman-family/

Producer: Jason Strozkiy (@strozkiy_jase)




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Episode 31

Season 3

by Those Two Girls