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by Those Two Girls

Narelda Jacobs


Australian journalist Narelda Jacobs has spent her entire professional life reporting stories, but only now – in her 40s – has she had the confidence and opportunities to speak her own personal truths in the media. And, in the week she co-hosts SBS’s coverage of the Sydney Mardi Gras for the third time, Narelda tells her story for FORTY.

Raised by fundamentalist Christian parents and the youngest of five daughters, Narelda was a teenage mother and wife by 19. However, at 21 – after finally coming to terms with her true self – Narelda told her devoutly religious mother she was gay, and what followed has been more than two decades of learning how to make peace with family members who refuse to accept her sexuality.

But this is also a tale of finding freedom in the middle years after years of child-rearing, climbing death-defying mountains, moving out of comfort zones (literally!)… and meeting true love at the pub at 42 with a good ol’ fashioned game of hide and seek.

So, what happens when you refuse to hide who you are?

We find out in FORTY.



Hosts: Lise Carlaw and Sarah Wills

Guest: Narelda Jacobs

Instagram: @narelda_jacobs

Producer: Jason Strozkiy (@strozkiy_jase)




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Episode 21

Season 2

by Those Two Girls