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Fun and Gains

my 5-step reset routine


whether you're in a rut, feel like you've fallen out of your normal groove, want to learn how to build a solid routine, or you just want to improve your current one... THIS episode is for you! britt is sharing her top 5 steps for feeling confident & in control of her lifestyle!

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00:30 a note from Britt

1:00 fun of the week

1:50 gains of the week

2:05 weekly review

6:20 STEP #1 - start the first 10 min. of your day with you-time

7:40 no phone

8:00 alone time

10:00 stop the A.M. phone panic

11:30 STEP #2 - prepare & prep

13:30 preparation is powerful

14:00 gym program/plan

15:26 groceries

17:00 schedule your week

18:10 STEP #3 - follow the 1-touch rule

21:00 everything in your house should have a home

24:30 STEP #4 - take action

25:40 go get your goals

26:40 keep your promises to yourself

27:20 building confidence

27:40 STEP #5 - remember that it takes time

28:00 rebuild habits

30:30 there will always be sacrifice

32:20 keep showing up

33:40 come hang on the pod Instagram

34:00 enjoy where you are

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