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Pride & Predictions | Geek Heart Games Podcast #64


Happy Pride Month! Sam kicks things off talking about One Night Hot Springs as well as Last Day of Spring. She's also been playing Lumines and For the King. Cody is giving Dauntless another go, and finds Borderlands not quite as fun as he remembered. We briefly cover all the unexpected Pokemon news and then we have our E3 Predictions - both likely and out there. contact@geekheartgames.com Twitter & Facebook: @geekheartgames Twitch.tv/GeekHeartGames geekheartgames.com/youtube geekheartgames.com/discord geekheartgames.com/shirts or geekheartgames.com/shirt Cody: @comicbookcody PSN: CaptainRedHood Sam: @sksuvak. PSN: Gizmoto_16 Xbox: Gizmoto16



by Geek Heart Games