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by AJ and Anne-Alida

Generation Z | Episode #14 | 'A NEW NORMAL' | #COVID19 |  GenZ |  @weRgenerationZ | #AJandAnneAlida | #TweenPodcast #TeenPodcast


Generation Z | Episode #14 | 'A New Normal' | #Covid19 #Covid_19 | GenZ | @weRgenerationZ | #AJandAnneAlida | #TweenPodcast #TeenPodcast

Welcome BACK!

"We are your hosts Anne-Alida and Aj."

Listen now to OUR NEWEST Episode 'A NEW NORMAL'

Welcome back —- To all those listening who feel anxious, fearful, isolated, or as if you are living in a dream or video game. know this: you are not alone. WE feel the same way. Today we want to remind you that we are in this together.

Pull up a chair, gather those close you are quarantined with or stay 6 feet away….you choose!

We will give you important information along with hope, help, and healing… LISTEN NOW!

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by AJ and Anne-Alida