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by Tineka Blake
Get On With It with Tineka Blake

How To Use Habits to Achieve Your Goals with Sandra Chuma


We all love that feeling of success when you reach or even exceed your goal. In this episode, I talk with Sandra Chuma, a certified 'Tiny Habits' Coach to discuss how you can use your daily habitual behaviour to keep you on track for your goals. So whether you are struggling to get out of bed or sometimes find yourself with your hand in the cookie jar. Leave the negative self-talk behind and celebrate the small feats that you acheive everyday!
Show notes and references: 1. BJ Fogg, Tiny Habits, 2019. 2. Rangan Chatterjee - Feel Better in 5, 2019.
Find Sanda Chuma on Instagram: @sandra.chuma Or on her website: www.sandrachuma.com


Episode 1

by Tineka Blake