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by Cynthia
Getting Your Sh*t Together

Interview: 'On the Record' with Michelle Mar - A conversation on sexual assault, addiction, and recovery


Today's episode I was joined by Michelle Mar to discuss 'On the Record.' A documentary on HBOmax that goes into the allegations surrounding Russell Simmons. Just a quick disclaimer that we will be talking about rape and sexual assault. If those topics are triggering for you, please proceed cautiously. 

Sexual abuse and survivors came to a lot quite a bit during the #MeToo movement. However, when it comes to the black entertainment industry, there was a lot of silence. So, when I heard there was going to be something created around the black music industry and the women who were involved in it -- I knew it was something I had to watch.

While I'm not in the music business, I have had men try to approach and feel like they can coerce me into things that I didn't want to do in order to "gain" something. For me, it was usually career-related. 

In this documentary, we will discuss:

  • Our feelings about the documentary, what resonated with us and why
  • Sexual assault in the black community. Why do we have to feel like we should keep silent
  • Black women and "protecting" black men 
  • How assault can amplify or cause addictive behavior
  • The path to freedom from addiction and trauma 

I highly recommend watching the doc. I think you get a free week trial, which I know I enjoyed FULLY.

If you or someone you know is battling sexual assault or trauma, I urge you to seek help here.

Stay safe out there, friends! Here is the link to some online AA meetings. 

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Episode 19

Season 2

by Cynthia