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by Beth G. Harper
Girl, Grow Up

017a: Managing Your Marriage As An Entrepreneur with Steve & Beth Harper


Managing your marriage as an entrepreneur is no easy task.

Like a parent, your business is like your baby. Add in trying to keep up with your spouse, it’s a lot to balance. Today, I’m sharing part-one of a conversation I had with my husband Steve on cultivating a healthy marriage as we both chase our career goals.

Disclaimer: we definitely aren’t perfect and don’t always get things right.

  • Our personality and Enneagram types.

  • Steve’s English upbringing and Beth childhood in Midwestern Ohio.

  • Our expectations going into marriage.

  • How Disney princess movies gave Beth false expectations.

  • The struggles we went through at the beginning of our marriage due to dating long distance.

  • How we balance time with family and us time.

  • Our struggle to remember or commit to new family ideas.

  • What we do to stop talking about work all the time.

  • Steve’s red flag idea.

  • How we’ve learned to blend our very different cultures.

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SHOWNOTES: https://www.steadfastsociety.co/blog/managingmarriage-p1

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by Beth G. Harper