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by Beth G. Harper
Girl, Grow Up

018: Giving Back Through A One-For-One Business Model with Betsy Drach of Dot


Isn’t it the freaking worst when a tampon starts to leak?

Don’t even get me started on pads that feel like adult diapers!

Now, can you imagine living in a third world country where you don’t even have the luxury of a tampon or pad?

On this episode, I chat with Betsy Drach who is the founder of Dot, a modern menstrual cup company, all about her one-for-one business model (similar to brands like TOMS or Warby Parker) where for every Dot cup purchased, one will be given to a girl in need. She also shares the journey she’s gone through to build her business will being a first-time mom.

By the way, Dot is less than a year old and these mighty cups are already in stores like FreePeople and been featured in magazines like Darling!

  • How she came up with the idea for Dot and the perks of using a Dot cup instead of tampons

  • Betsy educates us on how to use a menstrual cup and how to use it

  • Her top tips when it comes to starting a 1-for-1 business model

  • What caused Betsy to put he dream on hold for 4 years and her advice when you’re in a season of waiting

  • What finally pushed her to launch the business she’d been dreaming about for years

  • Launching a business with a newborn and how Betsy deals with mommy guilt

  • How to find manufacturers for your product based business

  • When a closed-door becomes a blessing

  • Finding the right partnerships

  • Top two tips for women who want to start a product based business

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SHOWNOTES: https://www.steadfastsociety.co/blog/dot-cup

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by Beth G. Harper