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by Beth G. Harper
Girl, Grow Up

020: 5 Steps To Surrender Gracefully


Indecisive? Overwhelmed? Unsettled?

Fully surrendering might just be one of the hardest things you will ever have to do. Especially when you totally have zero control over a situation. You’re left feeling in a panic, powerless, and at a loss.

Instead of being a total maniac, here’s how you can surrender with grace.

And, it’s okay. This is a judgment-free zone. I get pretty crazy when things are out of my control too! On today’s episode, I’m walking you through the five steps you will need to go through to let go with grace.

Episode Highlights
  • The transitions I’m going through

  • Surrendering goals you haven’t met by the end of the year

  • The changes I’m making in my business and the break I’m taking

  • What to do when you feel overwhelmed, indecisive, and unsettled

  • Why I feel like I’m restarting again

  • What I’m doing right now that is bringing me so much joy (shout out to Salty Donut!)

  • Being conscious of the toxic people around you and the content you are consuming online

  • Sharing the people who positively impact me online

  • My tip for you and being guilty of not being good at!

  • How making a decision is like my tattoo analogy

  • Choosing your soundboards with wisdom

  • Those who are close to you know your weaknesses better than you do

  • What I’m personally surrendering in this season and my biggest fear around it

  • My one trick to surrendering

  • My final advice as we wrap up 2018

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by Beth G. Harper