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Ted Williams, the man with golden voice | 2


In 2011, a 90-second video launched Ted Williams, a man who was experiencing homelessness, as an international celebrity.

In the video, Williams was standing at the side of a road in Columbus, Ohio; he was holding a sign that read in part, “I have a God-given gift of voice.”

Doral Chenoweth, a photojournalist with The Columbus Dispatch -- a daily newspaper based in Ohio – took the video.

Chenoweth posted the video in January 2011 and it quickly began drawing international attention; media from all over the U.S. went on a search to find Williams, dubbed the man with the golden voice.

On this episode of Global News What happened to…? Erica Vella speaks with Ted Williams and Doral Chenoweth about the viral video that launched Williams into fame. Williams speaks about his battles with addiction; he explains what happened after the video went viral and where he is now.


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