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by Sarah Murungi
Goal'd In Africa

#10: Finding your purpose & passion in life


In this incredible interview, we are flying to Senegal, to meet and talk to Lydia Hickman, an African American woman that has dedicated her life towards solving the problem of Youth Unemployment, mostly on the African continent. Ms. Hickman is currently the country manager  at an American-Nigerian company called Hugo, and through this role, she is facilitating the company's expansion to Senegal. Ms. Hickman is helping Hugo bring outsourced jobs to 10,000 West Africans. Yes you heard it right. 10,000 jobs. Not all heroes or heroines wear capes.

In her previous endeavors, Ms. Hickman co-founded a social enterprise that gave University students a platform to solve African problems, she also partnered with the Rwandan government in providing teaching-learning materials, to be distributed to different African countries. In this episode, we deep dive into how it is that she found her passion, kept going at it consistently throughout her career, and most importantly, how you can too. Listen it and catch the gems Ms. Hickman keeps throwing, and remember to share, review and subscribe to Goal'd In Africa. Follow us on Instagram: @goaldinafrica to keep the conversation going. 


Episode 10

by Sarah Murungi