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by Sarah Murungi
Goal'd In Africa

#11: Meet Boniface the serial entrepreneur from Kenya


As we fly to Kenya to meet Boniface Omina, a generalist entrepreneur that has dipped his toes in different fields ranging from Ed-tech , to Career tech, and now to event planning, but more specifically creating a career around himself. Yes, you heard this right. Boniface is currently on the journey of creating a business around himself, his lifestyle and well, all things Boniface. It doesn't just stop there, because he is sharing all his tips and insights on how you too can do that.

What's very interesting about this particular episode, is honestly he fact that you get to truly witness what it actually means to go full force at figuring out your dreams and career path. That's just the beauty of it! Listen to the episode, share it with your friends and well, I dare you to go after your dreams and go after them hard! As we always say here; Stay Goal'd and Go get it!

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Episode 11

by Sarah Murungi