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by Sarah Murungi
Goal'd In Africa

#13:Setting systems, beating fear and winning the year


Are you someone who usually sets goals for the month, or the year and you just don't seem to accomplish them? Are you someone who hates goal setting all together? Or, are you looking for better strategies for achieving your dream life? If you said yes to any of these, this episode is for you.

As we usher in 2021, we are spreading good vibes and super effective strategies, that will help you finally get ahead of your goals and live your best life yet. That, my dear Goal'd African, is my gift to you. I want to see you thrive. I want you to live a life that you love. That is my purpose on this beautiful continent of Africa.

This is my way of Ushering in new beginnings, fresh starts and giving you everything you need to win the year right from the get go.

In return, all I ask is for you to spread the word on Goal'd in Africa, share the episodes that you love with your friends and family, as well as review this podcast on the platform you're using to stream it. Stay Goal'd and go get it!


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by Sarah Murungi