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by Sarah Murungi
Goal'd In Africa

#17: Solving African problems at an impact, through AI. |Simbeye Mwiza


Have you always been interested in solving all of Africa's problems but didn't know how to? Felt too small, or too powerless to do it all? Well, in this episode, Mwiza tells you how he solves the problems of over 100,000 Africans. Want to know how? Listen in!

In this episode, Mwiza introduces us to his world, the world of Artificial Intelligence. Mwiza is disrupting Africa and solving her problems through Agri-predict, a business he co-founded with Patrick Sikalinda. Let's just say that this episode is your simplified masterclass on the go, that covers the basics of AI and machine learning.

Stay tuned, Stay Goal'd & go get it!



by Sarah Murungi