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by Sarah Murungi
Goal'd In Africa

#7: Walk the talk of becoming a great African


In this Enlightening interview episode, alongside Damien Mouzoun, we chat about what it truly takes to walk the talk of becoming a great African. Don't know where to start? Have you just started and you need more insights on how to navigate this journey? Do you struggle to walk the talk? If you sad yes to any of these questions, this episode is definitely for you.

Damien Mouzoun is a great African and Pan African, who is originally from Benin, and has founded a social enterprise called Ayina Think Tank which is currently stationed in Rwanda, Mauritius and Ghana. Mr. Mouzoun has travelled to over 45 countries, and done incredibly enriching work on the African continent, all before turning 30!! Mr. Mouzoun has walked the talk of becoming a great African, and in this episode, he explores how we can too.

This is part one of the episode with Damien Mouzoun. Part 2 of this conversation will be out later this week.

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Episode 7

by Sarah Murungi