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by Daniel Nti - Boakye
Goals & Growth with Daniel Boakye

Facing your fears.


Facing your fears

The problem is not being afraid, the problem is staying afraid. 

Fear is supposed to be an alarm system, it gives you an alert to find a way to avoid or defend yourself from impending danger. 

But wait... Have you realized how annoying an alarm system that goes off unnecessarily can be? 

You probably have a neighbour or maybe a colleague who's car's alarm system goes off with the least provocation. 
Admit it, it's a nuisance, right? 

You don't have to be afraid if there's no reason to. 
It's one thing to be alarmed when you are walking in a jungle and hear a wild animal growl behind you. 

But it's a completely different thing to be in the comfort of your own home, and be dreaded by the fear the unknown. 
The mind is definitely an amazing simulation system, it can create situations that do not even exist and make them seem so real. 

When the Bible tells you to renew your mind, that is an act you have to start doing deliberately! 
If you have fears that plague you, you can't just wish them away. 
Even after you've prayed, you still need to make a decision to make sure, that like an alarm system, you don't go off unnecessarily and be thrown into panic or confusion with the least threatening situation you face. 

So, what if you were a lion, would you be afraid of just any wild beast you hear growling behind you in the jungle?



by Daniel Nti - Boakye