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by Daniel Nti - Boakye
Goals & Growth with Daniel Boakye

Meet Daniel Boakye.


Hello there, my name's Daniel, and even though we haven't met yet, trust me when I tell you, "I am your friend."
Like you, I get thousands of questions plaguing my mind each day.

Who am I? Who am I meant to be? What is the plan? What is the way forward? Where am I meant to be?

If these questions do ever bug you too, then I'm sure we'll get along just fine because they ring in the corridors of my mind loudly.
But hey, we can get all the answers we seek, together! Hand-in-hand, exploring the depth of our mind and soul, we can become all we're meant to be. So dear friend, walk with me. Set goals with me. Grow with me.

I look forward to this exciting lifelong journey with you.

The Goals and Growth Podcast.
The Goal is to Grow.



by Daniel Nti - Boakye