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by Kirk Franklin
Good Words with Kirk Franklin

Glennon Doyle


Kirk Franklin is joined by author of Untamed, founder of Together Rising, Glennon Doyle. Together they have a candid conversation about how faith and family have helped her persevere through the struggles with addiction and depression in her life. Find out how Glennon got rid of the fear of embarrassment and why she doesn’t think we can (or should try to) save our children from life. Kirk and Glennon also discuss whether or not America can heal from its divisions, how we move forward from the sins of slavery and white supremacy, what the term “white privilege” really means, and how Glennon was moved to join the fight for racial justice. All on this episode of Good Words.

If you’d like to support any of the good work being done by Glennon’s organization, Together Rising, you can find their website at https://togetherrising.org/
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Episode 4

Season 1

by Kirk Franklin