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by Sarah Raven in conversation with Arthur Parkinson
Grow, cook, eat, arrange with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson

Delightful Dahlias with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 34


No late summer garden is complete until its colour palette is drizzled with delightful Dahlias, a flower that’s had its fair share of love on past podcast episodes - and quite rightly so! Their productive tubers and vibrant varieties make them a true must-have, and worthy of a full episode to themselves.

Sarah Raven and Arthur Parkinson - perhaps the most enthusiastic Dahlia advocates - share their top picks from the rousing family of flowers, which ones are most alluring for birds and bees, tips on saving pot-grown Dahlias from frost, and how they make a delightful addition to a lovely salad.

In this episode, discover:

  • Over a dozen glamourous, decorative varieties of Dahlia
  • The best single Dahlias to encourage a vivacious buzzing of bees and butterflies
  • Opportunities to companion plant Dahlias with the beautiful biennials of Rudbeckia Hirtas
  • Novel new Dahlia varieties to explore, like the vibrant, heather-like Dahlia ‘Mats’
  • Sarah’s advice for caring for your Dahlias in the face of frost


Episode 34

by Sarah Raven in conversation with Arthur Parkinson