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by Piyush Agarwal
Grow Daily Marketing Podcast

GDP Ep32 - Making a Retrospective Meeting Effective


As discussed in the last episode, Retrospective meetings can be extremely helpful for growth and change in your organization. But it needs to be conducted properly to ensure that your team is engaged and excited about the changes. Piyush explains the different formats that you can use to run an effective retrospective along with some important guidelines to follow. Here is what gets covered in this episode: Some do's and don't for conducting effective retrospectives Retrospective Formats Best Practices to be followed in a Retrospective Faciliators/Scrum Master's job Tools available for retrospective meeting  Join the "Grow Daily Podcast" mailing list here - http://bit.ly/2BdfDgX If you have any feedback or comments, please drop a mail to hello@piyushagarwal.com Do subscribe to the channel, share among your friends and add your review to help us keep growing.



by Piyush Agarwal